A H Kowloon.

15 HH black Arab gelding.

Foaled 18th May 1998.

Sire: Blacklord Caesaro (US) AHSBXVI (Vali-Hi Garibaldi(US)/Easter Magic (US)).

Dam: Kaliera (US) AHSBVII (Gondolier(PL)/Erikaa (SE).

Bred by Mrs Ann Hawke.

What can we say about Kowloon, except how wonderful he is. He was bought at 5 weeks old from Ann Hawke at Woodlay Arabian Stud and came to us here, at Polmartin Farm, at weaning. He has been one of the best teachers and we owe him so much. He has a superbly good natured and kind disposition.


He loves his herd and in return they give him maximum respect. Kowloon has a lovely heart and is full of character and fun. He takes Novices to Advanced and gives to each the feeling of friendship and trust. He was the second youngest horse in the 2005 Arab Marathon and gave Jane the ride of her life. He has since given several customers the ride of their lives at endurance events such as at Boconnoc and has appeared in many of the films we have helped with.


Kowloon has sired many of our great horses including Celeste and Easter King and is a great grandfather to Aries.

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