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Polmartin Riding holds the following formal 2016/17 accreditations:


Cornwall Council Licensed Riding Establishment as per Riding Establishments Act 1964.

British Horse Society (BHS) Approved Riding Establishment.

British Horse Society (BHS) Approved Training Centre.

British Horse Society (BHS) Riding and Road Safety Training and Examination Centre.


For further information please contact:

Cornwall Council Environmental Health and Licensing 0300 1234 212

The British Horse Society 0844 848 1666


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Tripadvisor reviews for Polmartin Riding.

Copyright © 2017 Polmartin Riding Ltd. All rights reserved.

Tripadvisor reviews for Polmartin Riding.
Tripadvisor reviews for Polmartin Riding.
Polmartin Riding Ltd. The Legal Stuff
Tripadvisor reviews for Polmartin Riding.
Polmartin Riding Ltd. The Legal Stuff
Polmartin Riding Ltd. The Legal Stuff
Polmartin Riding Ltd. The Legal Stuff
Polmartin Riding Ltd. The Legal Stuff