The Youngsters.

Perseus, Kaspian, George, Zazoo and Aurora

We are exceptionally proud of the Polmartin blood line and have bred many fantastic horses who have gone on to great things both in and out of the riding school. Here are some of our youngsters waiting till they are old enough to thrill and entertain riders in the future.


Polmartin Perseus was born in 2011 and is part trained so will soon finish his education. His father is Zeus (an Arab) and mother Rabbit (Thoroughbred from the famous Baryshnikov) and he has amazing presence yet is one of the kindest and friendliest horses we have.


Polmartin Prince Kaspian and Prince George were both sired by Polmartin Easter King, Kowloon's son. Born within 6 hours of each other in 2015 George is currently a black pure Arab and Kaspian a larger Anglo Arab and they are inseparable.


Polmartin Zazoo is also part Arab from Bluebell and Zeus and nearly ready to come into the school. A firm favourite with the children, she is a very pretty and engaging pony.


Polmartin Aurora was born in 2016 and is pure Arab sired by Easter King with Polmartin Rain. Already a great show off she is a very friendly foal with unbelievably long legs!

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Polmartin Perseus

Polmartin Prince Kaspian

Polmartin Prince George

Polmartin Zazoo.

Polmartin Aurora