Take Back the Reins.

£150 for six group sessions.

Fitting horses back into your life can be simple. Just an hour of horse riding a week can boost your sense of wellbeing and help to keep you feeling healthy. Returning to riding may feel daunting but with the right horse and teacher to give you confidence it’s amazing how quickly you’ll get going again.
Take Back The Reins is a structured series of horse riding lessons that provides coaching specifically designed to support a rider's first steps back into the saddle. You will receive a warm welcome from us, and we will understand your worries, talk through your goals and match you with the right horse to get you safely underway.
Together we will develop your horse riding skills so that you can walk, trot and canter, depending upon your skill and confidence levels, perhaps even ride along our own fabulous private tracks and trails. Alongside this you will improve your fitness, and progress within the sport, making sure you have fun along the way.
Horse riding is a hobby for people of all ages and abilities so there's no need to use the excuse "I'm too old!" or "I'm not good enough".
The Take Back The Reins Programme consists of 6 sessions each of which will include a one hour lesson or ride out and one hours stable management (grooming, tacking, feeding,etc) followed by tea, coffee and a chat!

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